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Informative Interview

Why is ESG important 

In today’s highly transformative business environment, the new corporate leadership talks about having an impact – on customers, prospects, employees, stakeholders, the environment, society at large. 
We understand that ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) considerations in today’s world is a ‘must have’ for companies to create strong long-lasting brands and enhance value for all stakeholders. Despite the buzz, however, not many companies really know how to approach ESG. They are not always aware of the true purpose of ESG or how to go about defining its goals. We help companies define their social commitments, priorities and objectives and then turn them into actionable items.
Committing to corporate responsibility and sustainability enables companies to achieve long-term value for the business as well as for internal and external stakeholders.  At RIGDOM we are uniquely focused on enhancing your company's reputation, which in turn leads to greater success and higher profits.

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